"Bunnies and Tiger" Tenugui

We had this Japanese hand towel produced with an illustration we did specifically for 2022 Year of the Tiger. Tenugui are everywhere in Japan - people carry them around to dry their hands (paper towels in public restrooms are uncommon) or to tie up their hair (both men and women) or keep the sweat at bay in the summer time, or to dry dishes with!  It was traditionally used for everything!  They nearly always have some printed design and specifically are finished on the long sides, with the short sides simply cut to gradually fray.  The towel measures 36 x 13.5 inches.

For the Year of the Tiger, Dan wanted to portray this majestic leader/predator feeling quite overwhelmed by creatures it used to take for granted, something I think each of us, and maybe humanity as a whole can relate to in these pandemic times!

We produced these specifically for our Patreon subscribers so we made the minimum amount the company in Japan would print, but that means we have about two dozen left over, so we wanted to offer them to our other fans out there for a limited time!