3 Seasons Archival Print Collection

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3 signed and numbered limited edition prints on 250gsm fine art paper measuring 13 x 13.5 inches (33 x 34.25cm) from paintings made for our 2021 exhibition "The Weight of Snow" at Corey Helford Gallery. These prints represent summer, fall, and winter and accompany the "Sakura With Spring Snow" print we released in April to form a "Four Seasons in the Garden" print cycle.

The prints are "Lily Pond In Summer" (summer image), "Kaki and Kaeru" (fall image), and "Bamboo in Winter" (winter image)and were produced from a painting series we created inspired by our observations of the nature in and around our home garden here in the countryside in Yamanashi, Japan.

If you want to complete the collection AND receive the Fall and Winter prints early (instead of waiting till we release them later in the year), AND save on shipping by buying them all together in one shipment AND get a little discount on these three prints, then get this bundle of three prints NOW!

NOTE: When you order - please confirm the number you have of "Sakura in Spring Snow" so we can send you matching numbers!