"Bunny Blossom" limited edition seriograph

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While cleaning up our archives we found 6 of these lost sold out prints in our flat files! People have asked about them ever since the edition was released (and quickly sold out) back in 2012.  These remaining extra prints are all pretty good pulls (each silkscreen print has some variation as they are hand pulled, so registration could be slightly off, or some ink could be faint along the bottom).  These prints are either signed "HC" prints, or extra remaining prints that we signed with the year of the edition. 

Images (with special attention paid to any small abnormalities in the printing) of each remaining print are HERE.  If you order one, let us know your top choices if you have a preference (Ex. "1st choice: Print3, 2nd choice: Print5).

Info about the edition:

This is our first (and probably only) silkscreen edition of our popular "Bunny Blossom" image.

It is an edition of 200 signed and numbered prints. 5 metallic colors on Coventry Rag Vellum 320 gm/wt paper. The final paper size is 37 x 28 inches. The edition is produced here in Los Angeles by the famed Modern Multiples