"California Bunnywave" open edition archival print

Open edition archival print on Velvet Fine Art paper. Signed. Approximately 33x34 cm (13x13.5 inch) paper size with 28 x28 cm (11x11inch) image.

This is the SMALLER version of this print.  If you are looking for the larger, limited edition print, find it HERE To see both prints side by side to help you decide, click HERE!

We made this new Bunny Wave image (20 years after our original "Uprisings" bunny wave illustration for Giant Robot Magazine Issue 28) to celebrate the Lunar Year of the Rabbit 2023.  This print is a scan of kozy's acrylic gouache painting (as opposed to the Uprisings artwork, which was painted entirely digitally) made from Dan's drawing.  Dan designed the artwork as an homage to the gorgeous beaches and sunsets of his home state of California, which he misses dearly since moving to Japan in 2020.