Handmade by kozy, this one-of-a-kind ceramic sculpture was created for her 2019 exhibition “The Exodus” at Nucleus Portland, part of her ongoing series of "bunny primitive" sculptures. The sculpture was fired in the big noborigama wood fire kiln, at Masuhonoborigama in Spring 2019 in Japan. The sculpture measures 2.75 x 2.5 x 3.5   inches.  Sculpture comes with a card with the its photo, name, and story, signed and stamped by kozy.

“He quit smoking when he was 88 years old for his health. He was a prisoner of war in Siberia for 3 years during WW2 almost dying several times. Since he survived through that harsh experience, he is full of vitality. He is 97 years old now, and no one can can tell how old he is.”