“How’s The MEeeeEee?!" original painting

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17 ½ in x 48 ¼ in 
Nihonga painting on Japanese scroll 

One of the Nihonga paintings kozy made and had turned into a traditional Japanese scroll for our 2017 show "The Golden State” at Gregorio Escalante Gallery in Los Angeles.

In traditional Japanese paintings, there is the term “kachoga”, which literally translates to “pictures of flowers and/or birds”. These subjects form a very common trope which kozy wanted to play with in doing these scenes of Los Angeles in the nihonga technique and thus decided to do a rendition of a neighborhood landmark for us, the famous Chicken Boy statue in Highland Park.  

When Dan saw the painting, he immediately named the painting after his favorite Saturday Night Live fake commercial  from the 1990's - The Cluckin’ Chicken, which is a MUST WATCH!

This is the ONLY painting left from “The Golden State” exhibition.