"Pacific Drift: Hawaii Edition" limited edition archival print

This product is currently sold out.

 We have just a few AP (Artist proof) prints left of this special, limited, signed and numbered edition is printed on metallic paper and limited to 50 prints.

Approximately 37 x 10 inches

We created the edition to help cover the costs for installing a massive 58 ft long version of this image we created for the "World Oceans Day Hawai'i" event at the Honolulu Museum of Art in June 2014. We never intend to reprint a previously sold out panoramic, but we are making an exception in this case (although admittedly this is a new version of the image with Hawai'i specific animals newly drawn and painted into the scene) since we really wanted to print it as a massive mural for the event, which aims to raise awareness about both global and Hawai'i centric ocean issues, despite the great cost to us.   The narrative of the panoramic however is the same classic battle between bunnyfish and the trash monsters, coagulated masses of human refuse, that are moving out from their birthplace in the North Pacific Gyre, destroying everything in their path on the way towards human civilization on land. The coral reefs (and we humans by proxy even though we probably don't deserve it) however have defenders - the bunnyfish! A school of bunnyfish is defending this reef with their teeth and tails. Can bunnyfish somehow eat and digest all this plastic and garbage?