"Swamp" Washi Paper Limited Edition Print

Part of our series of ukiyo-e inspired artworks from our Magic the Gathering Secret Lair cards.

This very limited edition of 20 signed and numbered archival digital prints are made on handmade washi paper crafted in Kozy's home prefecture, Yamanashi, Japan by the craftspeople at Yamaju Paper Company. The print measures 13 x 16.5 inches (329 x 420 mm) and is signed, numbered, and stamped with our hanko (name stamp).

The "Swamp" artwork of our Lands series for Magic the Gathering Secret Lair is a was really just an excuse to draw a fun frog in all honesty.  We have SO many frogs in our yard here in the Japanese countryside that they are a constant inspiration. Also inspiring the artwork are the lotus flowers in our lily pots and the fireflies that come to our creek each June. We also drew a bunny-crocodile stalking some unsuspecting samurai... will they survive??

PLEASE NOTE:  Since this is edition is printed on traditionally handmade washi paper, each sheet is unique with its own set of imperfections, textures, fibers, and crinkles.  This is part of their charm, not a defect!