Handmade by kozy, this one-of-a-kind ceramic sculpture was created for her 2023 exhibition  at Nucleus Portland, part of her ongoing series of "bunny primitive" sculptures.  

The sculpture measures 3 x 6.5 x 9.75  inches. It was fired in Noborigama wood firing kiln in Yamanashi, Japan. The sculpture comes with a card with the its photo, name, and story, signed and stamped by kozy.

Wizudomu seldom speaks. He always sits in the corner at every gathering, staring off into space. When you engage him though, he may come alive quite suddenly, laughing the biggest, heartiest laugh at something he finds funny. You have to keep the ball rolling and ask him for advice before he becomes dormant again - if you catch him you can get gems of insight that will help your throughout life.