Year of the Pig (aka Cat) Poster

For those who could not possibly afford the larger archival limited edition print of kozy's "Year of the Pig 2019" painting, we have created are more reasonable poster version. It is offset printed on 80lb cover stock paper with satin coating, and is 13 x 19 inches (33x48.25cm). Signed by us!

Kozy made this painting as a follow up to last year's successful "Year of the Dog" painting, in which she painted a bunch of our friends' and fans' dogs.  Of course all our feline loving friends and fans wanted to know when she would paint their feline friends as well, and she promised she would. 

Do you know the legend of why the cat is NOT in the Chinese astrology at all?  Supposedly the Cat and the Rat were the best of friends and the smartest of all the animals. When the Jade Emperor announced the race amongst all the animals to cross the river to decide which 12 animals would be in the Chinese Zodiac, the Rat tricked the strong Ox into helping him across the river, only to leap forward at the last moment to claim first place. Even more deviously though, the Rat told his best friend the Cat the WRONG DAY for the race! The Cat showed up to find the race had already been run! The Cat would certainly have been in the Zodiac instead of the Pig (who came in last place as he got hungry during the race and stopped for a big snack and then got sleep and took a nap).  Supposedly this is why cats chase rats to this very day (and how Kozy justifies painting 138 cats to celebrate the Year of the Pig - looking closely though and you will also find the pig and the devious rat!).